Collection: Planet

Biodiversity is crucial to our planet’s survival and we're running out of time. Join us in supporting the conservation of species identified as in peril, threatened, endangered or close to extinction throughout the world. Give GOOD to the planet with this collection of gifts.
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  • Give the Gift of Protection with Project Peril
    Give the gift of protection. You can help us identify key species on the brink of extinction and fund groups doing the best work to save these species around the world.
  • Protect the Platypus from the Threat of Extinction
    Together we can save the unique Australian Platypus! Greater Good Charities is working with Taronga Zoo to build and operate rescue and research facilities to house up to 65 platypus. Just $14 feeds a platypus currently under Taronga's wing for one day while the Taronga Platypus Centre is constructed.
  • Help Save Bees with Project Peril
    Give the gift of nutrients. Join us in collaborating the most effective on-the-ground organizations to help plant bee-friendly forage and raise awareness on the importance of bees.
  • Plant a Tree with Project Peril
    Trees are essential for life on Earth. Greater Good Charities has partnered with several organizations to plant trees where they are most needed throughout the world, but we can't do it without your help. For just $5, you can plant 1 native tree where it is most needed!
  • Protect the Ocean with Project Peril
    With your support, we work to support trash cleanups, support conservation, and put a stop to illegal fishing practices. Project Peril is dedicated to the conservation of our earth’s oceans and marine life. You can help us protect our oceans.
  • Give the Gift of Conservation with Madrean Discovery Expeditions
    Give the gift of conservation. You can enable our collaboration among multinational scientists, photographers, enthusiasts and students to study the plants and animals of this incredible region.
  • Help Save the Giant Panda with Project Peril
    With your support, we work to halt deforestation, protect critical habitat, and put a stop to poaching. Pandas rely on reserves to protect their natural habitat and allow them a safe area to prosper. Project Peril, a program of Greater Good Charities, is committed to the conservation and care of the giant panda, thanks to your generous support.
  • Help Save the Rhino with Project Peril
    Throughout Africa and Asia, rhinos need your help. Together, we can save rhinos from extinction. With your support, we work to protect land, raise awareness, and put an end to the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Help Save the Asian Elephant with Project Peril
    Your gift supports our work to secure habitat for elephants, reduce human-elephant conflicts, and halt the ivory trade. These highly social and sensitive creatures are facing a painful loss of habitat. You can help us protect Asian elephants.
  • Help Save the Jaguar
    Together, we can protect jaguars. With your support, we work to educate ranchers, developing land-management methods that keep cattle and big cats safe. Your gift preserves critical habitat and establishes wildlife corridors that will protect the lives of these beautiful animals.