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Support shelter pets nationwide. This year coronavirus heaped unthinkable challenges on animal shelters, their staff, and the pets they care for. Give GOOD by supporting projects that deliver critical food and supplies, provide medical support, training, transport, and more. Right now, Boehringer-Ingelheim Animal Health is matching all donations to Help Animals Now dollar for dollar, up to $20,000!
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  • Help Animals Now
    Help shelter animals who need it most, when they need it. Right now, your gift will be matched by BI Animal Health dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000! Your donation to Help Animals Now will help fund programs that pay for emergency surgeries, transportation of animals, food for shelters, vaccinations, and much, much more.
  • Give a Cat a Better Chance at Adoption
    You can help make more happy endings for cats. For just $10 you can give a Cat Pawsitive Care Package, including training, treats, and a better chance at adoption.
  • Give the Gift of a Full Belly
    Overcrowding, utilities, and emergency response can deplete a shelter's budget, leaving them in serious need. Your gift directly supports shelters in need. Just $18 ships 100 pounds of food, providing over 400 meals for shelter pets. Donate today.
  • Give Care Packages for Dogs
    Give the gift of stability. Our current health crisis has left many local shelters and rescue organizations short on kibble and critical supplies. Help us provide food, shelter and vaccinations for shelter dogs around the country.
  • Disaster Relief: Give Hope Through Hard Times
    Every donation helps prepare first response teams as quickly as possible when disaster strikes. Your gift will fund emergency rescue teams, animal shelters, food, supplies, medical care, rebuilding response, and emergency transportation for animals in distress.
  • Help Animals Get the Medical Treatment They Need to Survive
    Your gift helps animals like Jack receive the care they deserve. What could be a better gift this holiday season than the gift of hope and healing? A donation from you this holiday season will ensure animals all over the country receive the medical care they so often desperately need.
  • Transport Shelter Pets to Safety
    Natural disasters and overcrowding often force shelters across the country to transport their pets to a safer, more comfortable location. Your tax–deductible gift will save lives by rescuing shelter pets from life–threatening situations and transporting them to safety.
  • Give Life-Saving Vaccines for Shelter Pets
    Vaccines protect homeless dogs and cats and give them a better chance at finding their forever homes. With your donation, you ensure more animals in shelters are vaccinated against infectious disease, keeping them happy and healthy as they wait for their forever homes. You can give the gift of health to a pet in need!
  • Give Care Packages for Cats
    Give the gift of comfort. You can support shelters and rescue groups nationwide by helping us provide care packages of nutritious, high quality cat food, beds, and vaccinations to cats in need.