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Whether bringing education to girls around the world, feeding the hungry, or delivering essential supplies and services, people are at the heart of the work that you make possible. Give GOOD this year for those who need it most.
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  • Send Good Packs to Homeless Americans Affected by Coronavirus
    This Memorial Day, remember those who have fallen by helping those who have served. Help us meet our goal of $25,000 to provide an emergency distribution of Good Packs and Pup Pouches to homeless Americans in the state of Hawaii, including veterans, children and families in need.
  • Give the Gift of Education
    Give the gift of education to girls in need all over the world. Your donation helps bring education to young girls to develop new skills in digital media, storytelling, and creativity.
  • Give the Gift of Food and Income Security
    Your donation helps provide hungry Haitian students with adequate food! Through this program farmers can feed their own families, and also produce a surplus to be sold and redistributed to a local school, Institute Edeline, to provide relief for malnourished children by providing eggs for them.
  • Give the Gift of Comfort for Veterans and Their Pets
    Give the gift of essential supplies. Your donation helps assemble, ship, and deliver Good Packs to homeless and domestic violence shelters nationwide. Every Good Pack contains hygiene products, a reusable water bottle, a collapsible bowl, a slip lead leash, pet treats, and a toy.
  • Safe Ride to School
    In 2008, several girls attending school in Kandahar, Afghanistan, were attacked by men with acid. This is a common tactic used by the Taliban, which opposes education for girls. With your gift, you can send a girl to school and back for a whole month, every month.
  • Help Build a Safe Space for Victims and their Pets
    Give the gift of family. You can help us keep families and their pets together. Let’s reimagine shelters for women who are victims of abuse to accommodate pets and avoid separation.
  • Help Feed Hungry People Around the World
    Give the gift of a warm meal. Hunger affects millions, from those displaced by disasters, to our neighbor down the street, and families around the world. Together, we can end the cycle of poverty, food insecurity, and famine.